Searching for fancy restaurants in Malta? Grain has you covered!

Searching for fancy restaurants in Malta? Grain has you covered!

As one of the Mediterranean’s most beautiful capital cities, any trip to Valletta deserves to be enjoyed to the full. In addition to all its fascinating history and culture, the Maltese capital boasts a diverse and electric culinary scene with some of Malta’s top restaurants all located within its storied walls. Here, you’ll find everything from casual eateries and unique dining experiences to high class restaurants offering Michelin star dining. You’re positively spoiled for choice!

If you’re looking to sample some of the finest cuisine in the capital, then be sure to head to Merchants Street to discover Grain – a trio of fancy restaurants in Malta each offering a distinctive dining experience.

Introducing Grain

Set within the elegant Rosselli AX Privilege—a 5-star boutique luxury hotel on Merchants Street in Valletta—Grain is a flagship dining destination operated by the award-winning AX Hotels.

The establishment features three distinct restaurant settings, comprising Under Grain, Grain Street, and Over Grain, each led by acclaimed Executive Chef Victor Borg, one of Maltese finest culinary maestros. Known for his inventive flair and dedication to fresh flavours, Chef Borg promises a delightful culinary adventure, where every dish celebrates the essence of seasonal produce with a touch of creativity.

What’s more Grain holds the distinction of being the only dining brand in Malta with two Michelin-approved restaurants to its name. As some of the nicest restaurants in Malta, at Grain you’ll be treated to exquisite cuisine, a world-class wine cellar, and the finest service. Each visit to Grain promises to make any trip to Valletta, whether on business or for pleasure, one worth savouring.

Under Grain: A luxury restaurant in Malta

If you’re looking for a truly fancy restaurant in Malta, then be sure to book a table at Under Grain. This prestigious Michelin-starred restaurant, proudly holding its star status for four consecutive years, offers an unparalleled culinary experience in Valletta.

Offering a la carte and tasting menu options, Under Grain specialises in classic French cuisine infused with a modern twist. With a menu that evolves with the seasons, each dish is an artfully plated celebration of the freshest produce of the moment. To enhance your dining experience further, knowledgeable sommeliers are on hand to expertly pair your meal with the perfect wine selection from a well-stocked cellar.

With its refined cuisine, intimate ambiance, and impeccable service, Under Grain stands as a posh restaurant in Malta not to be missed.

Under Grain - Fancy Restaurants in Valletta
Under Grain - Fancy Restaurants in Valletta

Grain Street: A top restaurant in Malta

Sister establishment Grain Street offers one of the most distinctive al fresco restaurant experiences in all of Malta. Recognised with a coveted Bib Gourmand, the Grain Street dining experience can be enjoyed right on Merchants Street, on a stylish street platform that invites diners to really soak up the spirit and beauty of Valletta while enjoying a delicious meal.

The menu here focusses on Mediterranean-inspired sharing plates, ideal for enjoying with friends and loved ones. Each dish is crafted with care using fresh, locally sourced ingredients, ensuring a delightful burst of flavour with every bite. Moreover, Grain Street boasts an impressive selection of 22 wines available by the glass, catering to diverse tastes. With its ethos of playing loose with the rules, Grain Street promises a memorable culinary adventure in Valletta.

Grain Street - Fancy Restaurants in Malta
Grain Street - Fancy Restaurants in Malta

Over Grain: A unique restaurant in Malta

If you’re visiting Valletta in the summer season, then a reservation at Over Grain is a must. Set on the rooftop of Rosselli AX Privilege hotel, from here you can luxuriate in stunning views across the capital, extending towards the harbour.

This sophisticated rooftop lounge and restaurant promises a contemporary dining experience delivered through a tempting menu featuring mouth-watering light bites and savoury snacks, perfect for tucking into as the sun dips below the horizon. Up the fancy factor by pairing your meal with a selection of exquisite champagnes and wines.

For those craving cocktails, the bar’s skilled mixologists are at your service, crafting both timeless classics and innovative concoctions that reflect their passion for the craft in every sip.

Over Grain - Fancy Restaurants in Malta
Over Grain - Fancy Restaurants in Malta

Make a reservation at Grain

Whether you’re seeking a luxury dining affair or a relaxed yet still exquisite culinary experience, Grain is your ultimate dining destination in Valletta.

Make your reservation at Grain today. Have any special requests or dietary needs? Our friendly team is here to make your dining experience tailored to you. Just let us know your wishes, and we’ll ensure every moment at Grain is simply unforgettable.