Play Loose With The Rules



Step into the casual luxe of Grain Street. Take your time to absorb the interior design, inspired by contemporary European styles. The marriage of wood panelling with hard tiles, the contrast of greys and blacks with soft reds and greys, the clean lines juxtaposed with the romance of old-style armchairs – all these elements interplay to achieve a casual but refined and sophisticated ambience.

Our gastro-bistro menu is based on best quality produce and ingredients, elevated to little culinary gems to make up a fantastic tasting menu to share over casual conversation and banter. Try our unique preparation of meats, fish and vegetables, infused with distinct tastes and aromas, and pair them with different wines by the glass. Let our chef recommend wines from different regions and of different grape varieties and terroirs, to maximise each plate’s flavours, for a truly sumptuous lunch experience.


The restaurant is temporarily closed until further notice.

Grain Gallery