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Under Grain Food

Under Grain

The formal training from our kitchen brigade is a classic one, and to a certain extent, we also feel good honouring the more classical type of service at Under Grain. As you visit our restaurant one floor under street level, you can immerse yourself into an environment of informal luxury. Our menu is concise but is assured to be of the highest quality and curation.

This refined experience extends itself to the service provided to our guests. We would like you to absorb the sensations we tried to instil in this restaurant with the aim of seeing you leave the restaurant with a sense of satisfaction towards the fact that a classical dinner can still be possible in this day and age.




Monday: 19:00hrs to 22:00hrs
Tuesday:  Closed All Day
Wednesday & Thursday: 19:00hrs to 22:00hrs
Friday & Saturday: 19:00hrs to 22:30hrs
Sunday Lunch Only: Noon to 15:00hrs

Children over 7 years of age are welcome to dine at Under Grain,
subject to parental responsibility.

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