Executive Chef Victor Borg Unveiled as the New Judge in MasterChef Malta

Executive Chef Victor Borg Unveiled as the New Judge in MasterChef Malta

MasterChef Malta welcomes Executive Chef Victor Borg who will be joining the panel of professional judges consisting of iconic chefs in the Maltese culinary landscape. Under Grain and the Grain team is proud to have the master onboard to evaluate and spread his culinary expertise and passion to a national audience.

What’s your impression of the MasterChef TV show?

“Having MasterChef in Malta for the first time provides the opportunity to showcase upcoming talent for everyone to see in the convenience of their homes. As a show, it is a globally recognised franchise that places contestants in various real-life scenarios that chefs may experience in the kitchen. Additionally, the production was well-organized.”

MasterChef is a renowned competitive cooking show that has evolved into a global franchise and will be aired on Maltese televisions in February 2024. The format of the show takes local contestants on a journey to earn the title of MasterChef, typically involving several challenges with different themes that each contestant must fulfill and present.

Why did you decide to participate as a judge on MasterChef?

“I was honored to be invited as a judge for the first edition of the show. I find it very prestigious to mentor the upcoming generation of aspiring chefs and give back to the industry through the knowledge gained from my experiences in highly regarded restaurants.”

Victor Borg, appointed Executive Chef of Under Grain in 2019, worked and trained in London with celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay. He has gained expertise from various countries, such as Switzerland, and from a two-Michelin-star restaurant in Oslo.

Did you run into any challenging moments while being a judge on MasterChef?

“Honestly, the biggest challenge I faced was the pressure of being in front of all the cameras. Otherwise, no major issues were encountered since I am quite familiar with being a judge and have also competed in similar competitions throughout my career.”

Chef Victor was part of Malta’s Culinary Team, serving as the team’s captain. He competed, judged, and won prestigious awards in London, Scotland, Luxembourg, Norway, Ireland, Germany, and Russia. Bringing with him a wealth of experience from culinary powerhouses, he led Under Grain to Michelin-star success in 2020, just five months after opening its doors.