Under Grain’s Michelin Guide Experience in Malta

Under Grain’s Michelin Guide Experience in Malta

Enjoying a Michelin star dining experience is a dream for many. Whether commemorating a significant milestone or relishing an unforgettable culinary escape while on holiday, a Michelin dining experience takes indulgence to a whole new level, where cooking is elevated into an artform, and every dish is a marvel to behold and to savour. It effortlessly pulls you out of the everyday, inviting you to immerse yourself in an irresistible world of sensations and flavours presented through innovative and creative cuisine. If you’re on the quest for the ultimate Michelin star experience in Malta, let us introduce you to Under Grain, our fine dining restaurant, part of the Michelin Guide, in the heart of Valletta.

Introducing Under Grain – A Michelin star restaurant in Valletta

Set within the elegant Rosselli AX Privilege—a 5-star boutique luxury hotel on Merchants Street in Valletta—Under Grain is a Michelin-starred gem that has maintained its one-star status for three consecutive years. Notably, the restaurant achieved this esteemed recognition from the culinary world’s most influential and prestigious award body, within just one year of opening, a testament to its exceptional quality.

Led by acclaimed Executive Chef Victor Borg, Under Grain specialises in classic French cuisine infused with modern Mediterranean flair. The kitchen team emphasises the use of fresh, seasonal ingredients, employing bold cooking techniques to craft artfully plated dishes that showcase inventive flavour pairings.

The restaurant’s seasonal menus highlight the finest ingredients of the moment, introducing new surprises through its a la carte and tasting menu offerings.

Under Grain - Michelin Star Restaurant Malta
Under Grain - Michelin Star Restaurant Malta

What the Michelin Guide says about Under Grain

Securing a Michelin star demands immense passion, talent, and hard work, qualities abundantly possessed by Under Grain’s kitchen brigade and service team. Their dedication has not only earned the restaurant a coveted Michelin star but has also ensured its consistent recognition for three consecutive years.

Here is what the Michelin Guide has to say about our fine dining establishment in Valletta:

“Enter the Rosselli Hotel and descend via the lift to this elegant cellar restaurant, where you walk past the kitchen before entering into a dining room with a vaulted stone ceiling and dark, moody décor. Under Grain is inspired by Merchant Street’s former tailor shops and evidence of this theme is all around, from the sewing pattern menu to the clothing displays – and even a pin-cushion bill-holder.

As a tailor would create something exquisite from cloth, the chef here does the same with fine ingredients, skilfully applying his talent to produce a beautiful end product. Expertly cooked Mediterranean dishes burst with bold, gloriously harmonious flavours and, while their base may be classic, the overtones are modern. Professional, personable service and a relaxed atmosphere add to the experience. The wine list is well-chosen and contains plenty of gems from the world, especially from Italy and France.”

Under Grain - Michelin Guide Malta
Under Grain - Michelin Guide Malta

The distinctions that earned Under Grain its Michelin status

Earning a Michelin star isn’t just about faultless food—it’s about achieving a flawless balance in every aspect of a restaurant’s running.

At Under Grain, this commitment to excellence extends seamlessly from the moment diners enter our vaulted cellar restaurant to the very last delightful bite. We understand that achieving culinary greatness involves harmonising all elements, from cuisine and service to décor and ambiance, ensuring that every aspect contributes to an unforgettable dining experience for our guests.

Under Grain - Michelin Guide Malta
Under Grain - Michelin Guide Malta

Culinary innovation

Skilfully combining seasonal and the most premium ingredients, Under Grain specialises in inventive dishes that push the boundaries of contemporary Mediterranean cuisine with their bold flavour combinations. From delectable fresh pasta to succulent shellfish and premium cuts of meat, each dish is a masterpiece of imaginative pairings that introduce surprising and intense flavours that are a joy to savour.

An exquisite Tasting Menu experience

Beyond its a la carte offerings, Under Grain presents a remarkable Tasting Menu experience. Here, Chef Borg curates a flawless multi-course dining journey, inviting patrons to delve into an array of expertly crafted dishes that highlight his kitchen brigade’s creativity and skill. This immersive experience provides an indulgent way to fully embrace Under Grain’s culinary statement.

Signature desserts

In addition to his exquisite savoury dishes, Chef Borg’s talent extends to creating delectable desserts that have earned him widespread acclaim. Among his specialties is the VB baked and glazed white chocolate cheesecake with passion fruit sorbet. This signature treat has been delighting diners for over 25 years and remains one of Under Grain’s most popular dishes, adding a luxurious sweet touch to the dining experience.

Under Grain - Michelin Star Restaurant Malta
Under Grain - Michelin Star Restaurant Malta

A master wine cellar

A fine dining experience deserves an exceptional wine selection, and Under Grain delivers just that. Our collection of international wines, curated by master sommeliers, complements each exquisite dish, enhancing the aromas and flavours no end. Periodically, the restaurant hosts special food and wine pairing evenings, a unique opportunity for diners to enjoy handpicked master wines expertly matched with a special Chef Borg menu crafted exclusively for the occasion.

Exceptional service

In the words of the Michelin Guide Malta, Under Grain “runs like clockwork”, and that credit goes to our passionate service team, who have elevated the art of service to perfection. Meticulously attentive, they handle every detail seamlessly, creating an atmosphere where guests can relax and relish their meal without a care.

A timeless ambiance

Suave and sophisticated, Under Grain vaulted cellar location sets the stage for an intimate dining experience that feels like a place out of time. Inspired by Merchant Street’s tailor shops, the restaurant exudes an intimate ambiance with décor that adds intriguing touches that never overshadow the focus on the artful presentation of each dish.

Under Grain - Michelin Star Restuarant Valletta Malta
Under Grain - Michelin Star Restuarant Valletta Malta

Make your reservation at Under Grain

Are you ready to experience one of Malta’s best Michelin starred restaurants?

Secure your reservation at Under Grain today. The restaurant welcomes guests for dinner service from Tuesday to Saturday, between 7 and 10 pm. Should you have any special requests, feel free to reach out to our dedicated service team, who will gladly ensure your preferences are accommodated for a truly personalised and delightful dining experience.