Under Grain: Setting the standard for fine dining in Malta

Under Grain: Setting the standard for fine dining in Malta

Malta’s fine dining scene has blossomed in recent years, particularly with the arrival of Michelin recognition. This culinary shift has turned the island into a hotspot for food lovers, offering a diverse array of top-tier dining establishments to explore.

At AX Hotels, we’re proud to have our very own Michelin-starred restaurant, Under Grain, situated on Merchants Street in Valletta. Since its launch in 2019, Under Grain has become a top dining spot in Malta, earning Michelin recognition within a few months after opening.

We consistently pour passion and creativity into our fine dining restaurant, which has ensured we have maintained our Michelin status for four consecutive years, as we’ve welcomed diners from near and far who have praised our culinary offerings and the entire Under Grain experience.

The chef behind our Michelin success

As any foodie knows, the success of a Michelin-starred restaurant ultimately hinges on the chef’s vision. At Under Grain, we’re immensely proud of our Executive Chef Victor Borg, a culinary luminary in Malta and beyond. With Chef Victor at the helm, Under Grain has soared to culinary heights, delighting diners with his exquisite creations. His dedication to crafting innovative dishes using locally sourced ingredients has earned him widespread acclaim, making Under Grain a must-visit destination for those seeking an extraordinary fine dining experience in Malta.

Throughout his esteemed career, Chef Victor has honed his skills at renowned dining establishments across Europe, including Gordon Ramsay’s famed Aubergine in London and Bagatelle, a two-Michelin-starred restaurant in Oslo. With his wealth of experience and industry accolades, Chef Victor led Under Grain to Michelin-star success in 2020, marking a historic milestone in Malta’s culinary scene as one of the first restaurants in Malta to achieve this prestigious distinction.

Never one to rest on his laurels, Victor remains dedicated to innovation, constantly crafting new, tantalising dishes for Under Grain’s seasonal menus. His passion for culinary creativity drives him to surprise diners with unique flavour combinations and ingredient pairings, ensuring that every visit to Under Grain is a new adventure.

Fine dining in Malta - Under Grain Michelin Star Restaurant in Valletta
Fine dining in Malta - Under Grain Michelin Star Restaurant in Valletta

Fine dining in Malta at Under Grain

Set within our vaulted cellar restaurant within the 5-star Rosselli AX Privilege boutique hotel in Valletta, Under Grain specialises in marrying classic French cuisine with modern Mediterranean cooking sensibility. Emphasising fresh, seasonal ingredients and bold cooking techniques, our kitchen team crafts artfully plated dishes showcasing inventive flavour pairings.

Complementing our exceptional food, we offer an extensive wine selection curated by expert sommeliers. Each wine enhances the aromas and flavours of our dishes, elevating your dining experience to new heights. Our professional team is always happy to recommend stellar vintages to complement your chosen dishes.

Discover the myriad ways you can savour the Under Grain experience.

Indulge in our A la Carte delights

Our a la carte menu is an ideal way to enjoy a truly personalised culinary journey at Under Grain. Chef Victor refreshes the menu each season, incorporating fresh, seasonal ingredients that perfectly capture the essence of the time of year. This ensures an ever-changing selection of creative dishes to surprise and delight our guests with their inventive flavours. Additionally, our kitchen team is adept at accommodating various dietary requirements and food allergies with advance notice, ensuring that every guest can enjoy a memorable dining experience tailored to their needs.

Fine dining in Malta - Under Grain Michelin Star Restaurant in Valletta
Fine dining in Malta - Under Grain Michelin Star Restaurant in Valletta

Experience the finest Tasting Menu in Malta

Our tasting menu is perfect for new diners who really want to explore the best of Under Grain within one evening. This multi-course journey showcases the creativity and skill of Chef Victor and his talented kitchen brigade, offering an immersive introduction to our style of cuisine and eclectic culinary offerings. Enhance your experience with our optional wine pairing (including a cellar release option), featuring a carefully selected assortment of wines expertly matched to complement each course, ensuring that every bite is perfectly accompanied by a sip that enriches its flavours.

Reserve your intimate Private Dining experience

The Private Room at Under Grain offers a truly intimate dining experience away from the main dining area of our vaulted cellar restaurant. Here, Executive Chef Victor Borg and his team present a highly bespoke culinary journey paired with fine wines. Whether for a family celebration or business gathering, expect personalised service and meticulous attention to detail, ensuring an exceptional dining experience as soon as you enter our secret entrance door. Our team is available to assist in planning your event according to your preferences.

Fine dining in Malta - Under Grain Michelin Star Restaurant in Valletta
Fine dining in Malta - Under Grain Michelin Star Restaurant in Valletta

Join our exclusive Food and Wine Pairing events

From time to time, Under Grain partners with expert sommeliers from Malta and internationally to host exclusive food and wine pairing events, showcasing rare vintages and special edition wines. Chef Victor designs unique menus for these occasions, pushing his culinary creativity to new heights. During these evenings, guests may also receive insights into wine making processes and tips to enhance their wine tasting experience. These events are highly anticipated on the local calendar, offering unforgettable fine dining experiences. Stay updated on Under Grain’s social media for announcements about these exclusive events.

Secure your table at Under Grain

Savour the epitome of fine dining in Malta by making your reservation at Under Grain today. Our 5-star restaurant in Valletta welcomes guests for dinner service from Tuesday to Saturday, between 7 and 10 pm.

Should you have any special requests, kindly reach out to our service team, who will gladly ensure your preferences are accommodated for a truly personalised and delightful fine dining experience in the heart of Valletta.