Another side of Steve Calleja

Another side of Steve Calleja

Managing Director at Strand Palace Agencies LTD at Under Grain


Coryse Borg sat down with Steve Calleja, managing director at Strand Palace Agencies LTD at the, one MICHELIN star restaurant, Under Grain to talk about his love for cars, his devotion to his house, and his interest in films, while indulging in a meal of delicious baked semi-soufflé and delectable ribeye with bone marrow.


While discussing his pastimes and hobbies, talk immediately fell to his passion for cars. He found choosing his favourite car a difficult task, but finally claimed that it would have to be his mother’s Fiat 500, due to the fact that it was a brand new car that she bought and he kept, and thus has a lot of sentimental value. Calleja also maintains that he still has his very first car ever, which is an Alpha GTV. He goes on to inform us that cars have been a passion of his for a long time, a passion which was always there, and that he started racing in Malta itself, doing quarter miles in Ta’ Qali. There was, however, a break in his racing, which occurred at the time when he got married and had his children, but he admits that he still kept his cars in his garage and looked after them.

Another topic which is of interest to Calleja is his house, which he is very enthusiastic about. He states that his house feels like it’s his castle, his retreat and his haven. Over there, he loves pottering around the garden, taking care of his thirty chickens and growing his own vegetables and potatoes, which makes him and his family self-sufficient. This allows him and his wife to take over a nice hamper full of their produce whenever they are invited over to their friends’ houses. His kitchen is likewise well-equipped, and includes a barbeque, a smoker, and a wood oven.


Calleja concludes by discussing films, his third interest, even though he declares that he used to be more of a film buff when he was younger. He still follows it, however, and due to the fact that he doesn’t get much sleep, he wakes up very early in the morning and indulges in this hobby.


Thank you for taking the time to talk with us over at Under Grain, and we look forward to welcoming you again!