Another side of Krystle Penza

Another side of Krystle Penza

Founder & Owner of Mvintage

Coryse Borg, Newsbook journalist sat down with Krystle Penza, Founder & Owner of Mvintage at the, one MICHELIN star restaurant, Under Grain to talk about family life and the importance of finding a balance between work and family. This interesting conversation took place while both of them ordered exquisite dishes from the menu.


This was definitely a conversation between foodies! Both Coryse and Krystle are food lovers and Krystle also admits that she loves cooking. ‘It’s my time to relax. I pour a glass of wine, forget all about the stressors of the day, get into my world and cook. Even though it gets gobbled up in a few seconds!’.


Family time is very important for Krystle. Even though she’s a very busy woman, time management is extremely valuable for her. ‘I try to create a balance for both work and family and that is what I try to teach my daughter, Francesca’, says Krystle. ‘I try to juggle both but I teach my daughter that she has to work hard for what she wants to achieve. She comes on business trips with me and she comes to the office with me after school. However, that is her time to finish her homework. When we get home, it’s family time’.

Krystle reveals that her daughter is very artistic, just like her! ‘My house is always equipped with crafts material like paint and clay. She also enjoys cooking and making decorations’.


But there’s another family member in the Penza family – their god-sent Weimaraner. Krystle claims that she goes to the office with her every day. ‘We’ve had her for three years and she lives the same life that we do. She’s Mvintage’s mascot. She even has a personalised engraving just for her. I’m very grateful for the weekend as it’s our time together. I take her out for long walks and it’s also a good exercise for me. We adore her!’.


Not a day goes by that Krystle does not feel privileged for what she has. ‘I feel privileged that I get to wake up in the morning and I feel that I need to do something with the time that I am given’.


That’s a very good attitude to wake up to in the morning, Krystle. It was our pleasure to host you and we cannot wait to see you again at Under Grain.