Another Side of Charles & Ron

Another Side of Charles & Ron

The Men behind Charles & Ron

Coryse Borg, Newsbook journalist sat down with Charles & Ron, Founders of their brand, at the MICHELIN star restaurant, Under Grain to talk about their favourite pastimes and their getaway place. This interesting conversation took place while exquisite dishes were ordered from the menu including the ‘pappardelle with chorizo, fresh local prawns & walnut gremolata’, the ‘roasted rib eye of black Angus beef’ and the ‘BBQ rump of milk-fed veal’.


Coryse was very excited to have a duo this time round to interview. And what an interesting duo this is! Charles claims that he enjoys cooking. ‘After a very busy day, my relaxing time is cooking. I unwind when I cook. My favourite dishes to make are probably fish and my famous lasagna. Everybody loves my lasagna!’.

On the other hand, Ron unwinds by eating. However, he also loves to paint. ‘I have to admit it’s becoming rarer and rarer. It’s difficult to keep up a hobby with today’s busy lifestyle and I feel it’s so messy and time-consuming to clean afterwards. I like to use acrylic on canvas but I sometimes also use other creative elements such as aluminium tape’.


Even though Charles & Ron travel consistently because of their work, they hold a special place in their heart and that place is none other than our sister island of Gozo. ‘We love the simplicity, it’s very easy going and no planning is required. Gozo is our breathing time, the place were we cut off from work and our busy schedules.’


It was our pleasure having you at Under Grain! We hope to see you again Charles & Ron!