Under Grain Gifted with a Personalised Bottle of Moet & Chandon

Under Grain Gifted with a Personalised Bottle of Moet & Chandon

A Commemorative Bottle for the MICHELIN Star Award


Just a few weeks ago, Under Grain was presented with the official MICHELIN star plaque. Our next gift has been kindly given to us by M Demajo Wines & Spirits; a personalised Moet & Chandon bottle with the MICHELIN star engraved to always remember that special day that we now keep so close to our heart.


Ms Claire Zammit Xuereb, Director of Hospitality and Care was presented with the personalised Moet & Chandon Bottle. ‘We’re delighted to own our very own personalised Moet & Chandon bottle. Moet & Chandon is a representation of celebration and getting the MICHELIN star award was indeed a worthy event to celebrate. Thank you to M Demajo Wines & Spirits for this thoughtful gift’.


Edward Sant Fournier, Head of Sales and Marketing at M Demajo Wines & Spirits claims, ‘We thought this would be a memorable gift to give to the restaurants awarded the MICHELIN star in Malta. Under Grain deserves to be duly recognised with a flavourful gift and a personalised Moet & Chandon is definitely perfect to celebrate such a prestigious award’.


With Under Grain’s re-opening, now on the rooftop and under the stars, our MICHELIN star restaurant is getting the recognition that it truly deserves. Opening on Fridays and Saturdays, Under Grain, is so highly sought after that a waiting list was introduced.


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