MICHELIN Guide hand-picks Chef Victor for the Four Hands event

MICHELIN Guide hand-picks Chef Victor for the Four Hands event

Under Grain’s Executive Chef Victor Borg to participate in prestigious Four Hands event taking place in London

The event will see Under Grain’s Chef Victor Borg collaborate with fellow One MICHELIN Star Chef Patron Victor Garvey from London’s Sola restaurant.


Our very own Executive Chef Victor Borg, who has spearheaded our One MICHELIN Star restaurant for the past three years, has been hand-picked by the gastronomy world’s most prestigious Guide to participate in its distinguished MICHELIN Four Hands event.

The MICHELIN Four Hands are regular collaborative dinners that see international top-rated chefs team up to curate a tasting menu specifically for one night. Such events are one-off cooking collaborations that give the chosen chef the chance to present their own signature dishes or new ones crafted with the hosting chef. Four Hands has been described by MICHELIN as “globe-trotting collaborations [that] transcend cultural boundaries” encouraging culinary maestros to break out of their comfort zones, serving as invaluable opportunities that broaden personal and culinary horizons.

The Four Hands event will see local maestro Executive Chef Victor Borg collaborate with Chef Patron Victor Garvey from London Soho’s Sola restaurant, also a One MICHELIN Star, inspired by Californian cuisine and offering an all-American wine list – the only one of its kind in Europe.

Executive Chef Victor Borg needs no introduction and is the brains and talent that steered Under Grain to MICHELIN star success just five months after opening when the Guide first launched in Malta in 2020. The restaurant has retained the accolade for three consecutive years. Under Grain’s Chef Victor will be collaborating with Chef Patron Victor Garvey, who opened Sola in 2019 following international opportunities and invokes the Golden State in everything that is done within the restaurant.

The Four Hands event is taking place at Sola on 2nd August with an exclusive guest list of just 30 people including MICHELIN influencers and Malta Tourism Authority (MTA) representatives. The chefs will curate a tasting menu consisting of six courses, with both chefs preparing three each. The tasting menu which will have Maltese influence will be paired with Maltese wine which will be flown in from Malta specifically for this event.

“It’s a privilege to have been chosen by MICHELIN for this prestigious event,” says Under Grain’s Executive Chef Victor Borg. “It has been a childhood dream of mine to produce my own work internationally while also shining a light on Maltese gastronomy. I’m delighted to meet such a creative mind as Chef Patron Victor Garvey and I humbly believe our creations – or expressions of art as I like to call them – will be received positively.”

These collaborative dinners open chefs to a world of techniques and kitchen challenges that also serve as a learning experience while opening palates to local produce. Culinary maestros get to experience the dynamics of cooking with foreign cuisine while also being awarded the opportunity to dip their toes into another market and familiarise themselves with new techniques and audiences.

Chef Victor Borg
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Chef Patron Victor Garvey