Our Autumn Degustation Menu is Here

Our Autumn Degustation Menu is Here

We sat down with our Executive Chef, Victor Borg, to give us all the details about the new MICHELIN tasting menu and his inspirations behind it.


We’re saying goodbye to our summer tasting menu and welcoming our new seasonal menu. With new dishes on the menu, autumn is the trickiest season of all, especially in a hot and humid island like Malta.


Hi Victor! What can you tell us about the new tasting menu?

 The main influence for the new tasting menu is definitely the season. Summer ingredients are now starting to fade away, making way for new autumn and winter ingredients. For example, asparagus is very much in season at the moment. It’s probably one of my favourite ingredients to use at this time.


I always like to add a twist in all of my dishes. Most dishes have a Mediterranean influence but I added a Japenese twist in two of the dishes to spice things up.


What was the inspiration behind this new autumn menu?

I am inspired by so many things – it could have been an experience from a dish that I tasted abroad, from colours from a painting or from simply one singular ingredient. Inspiration is everywhere!


Where are your main products sourced from?

Whenever possible, we always try to use products that are locally sourced. Although 80% of our products are local, we also like a mixture of our products so as not to be restricted. Our scallops are sent fresh, directly from Scotland, lamb is sourced from Wales while the asparagus in this season’s menu is from our very own sister island of Gozo.


We know it’s very hard to pick a favourite but do you have a favourite dish?

 Yes, it’s very difficult to choose as I’m always discovering and perfecting dishes. However, if I had to choose, from this menu, I think I have a special affection to the scallops starter item!


Thank you, Chef Victor and we cannot wait to taste the new autumn tasting menu!


The new seasonal menu will be available from Wednesday 16th September at our MICHELIN star restaurant, Under Grain. Book your table today!