Another side of Sonia Hernandez

Another side of Sonia Hernandez

Sonia Hernandez, Vodafone’s CEO, enjoys a meal at Under Grain while talking about her lifestyle and pastimes


Corsye Borg, Newsbook journalist, sat down with Sonia Hernandez, Vodafone Malta’s CEO, at the elegant and exclusive Under Grain restaurant, and they talked about the pastimes and lifestyle while enjoying our signature dishes of ‘confit wild seabass’ and exquisite ‘slow cooked supreme of corn fed chicken’.


Hernandez explained how she ended up in Malta and talks about her journey; originally an electrical engineering student in Madrid, coming from a ‘normal’ family, she unexpectedly moved to Malta when she was twenty-three years old. It took her ten years to go back to Spain, and when she next decided to move forward, she was accompanied by her two children; Diego, who is twelve years old, and Sandra, who is nine. Her children, much like her, are always ready for the next adventure, and enjoy travelling as much as she does.

Sonia claims that despite her busy schedule, she always tries to make time for her hobbies. As she herself put it “We have to manage the agenda, not the agenda has to manage us.” She talked about her passion for golf, which she started out playing to accompany her husband. Turns out, she now adores it, as golf requires people to play, and as she proclaimed, she likes people and the interaction. Another opportunity that allows her to welcome and meet people is when her children want to meet up with their friends. She claims that she often goes to Blue Lagoon with them, as it’s one of her favourite places to visit in summer.She also emphasised how important finding time for family is. Despite her busy schedule, during the weekends, Sonia makes sure to spend some quality time with her children. She reveals that they often play golf as a family, but jokingly remarked that they have to be split into two groups, as the four of them playing together always ends up in a fight. Talk about friendly battles!


Hernandez’s final remark was that she truly enjoys living in Malta, because the people are friendly and happy.


We’re glad you think so, Sonia and we hope to see you at Under Grain soon. Book your table today.